Montessori School

Thanksgiving Meal Donation

While Little Scholars’ students and families were fortunate enough to be surrounded by the comfort of warm meals and family on Thanksgiving Day, they recognized that others in the community were less fortunate.  We gathered as a team and collectively prepared four full Thanksgiving themed meals for families in the area.  The students and their families contributed by bringing in different ingredients and monetary donations so that we could ensure these families would have a feast of their own for the holiday.  For multiple days the school came together and put in countless hours of meal prep, teamwork and love for these families in need.  We gathered all necessary components of each meal (main dishes, side dishes and desserts) and placed them in laundry baskets that these families could continue to use in the future.  These baskets were hand decorated by staff and students from Little Scholars.  The baskets were then delivered to a local elementary school (Byrns Darden Elementary School) were they were then sent home with different families.  The students came together and learned many different life skills (organizing, preparing food safely, multitasking etc.) while learning the impact they have on helping those in need in the community.