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August 21st at 10am
The Total Solar PeayClipse Educational Experience 
will provide students the ability to experience educational lessons and hands on activities related to the science behind a solar eclipse. Faculty and APSU College of Science and Math students will staff this opportunity for our community to learn more about the eclipse before walking over to the Fortera Stadium to witness this rare and special event of a total solar eclipse!

All students must return a participant waiver to Little Scholars no later than August 14th 2017    ChildParticipationWaiver Eclipse.pdf

General Admission:
$4 per child (covered by LS field trip fee)
Adults with accompanying children free and includes 1 pair of solar viewing glasses.
Unaccompanied adults $4

*Parking $5

See what our own LS family member, Dr. Meisch, has to say about the