Montessori School

​​The mission of Little Scholars is to enrich and educate the children enrolled in our program utilizing the Montessori method of learning. We guide children from distraction to concentration, from dependency to self-sufficiency, and from self-centeredness to respect and concern for others. Our students will develop a desire to learn and thrive at their own pace. It is our goal to broaden this desire by encouraging YOUR little scholar to reach for academic success!

"Discovering the Little Scholar in YOUR child"

Statement of Purpose


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    Dedicated to developing the whole child, Little Scholars follows the Montessori Method of education. The Montessori approach is focused on promoting growth in all areas of a child’s development: academic, physical, social and emotional. A variety of daily activities ensures that children’s needs are met during critical learning periods, when they absorb lessons more easily and more quickly than they ever will again.

    The Montessori Method is based on the primary research of Maria Montessori, MD, a 20th Century pioneer of modern education philosophy. Working with children who were considered to have “mental problems”, Dr. Montessori developed her own theory that the children simply were not taught what they needed to know when they needed to learn it. Her own experiments with her theory met with phenomenal success. In the process, she discovered that there is a critical learning, or sensitive, period for each level of development  and it is crucial for the child to be encouraged rather than discouraged during these periods.

    The child’s environment is a key element of the Montessori Method. The organization of the classroom, including careful placement of learning materials, is designed to promote and nourish the periods of sensitivity. Teachers pay close attention to each child, methodically observing and evaluating them through various stages, to ensure that each child realizes his or her full potential.

     Little Scholar's goal for each child in our care focuses on our belief that an enriched environment fosters learning as its own reward. We promote independence and self discipline by enabling children to make their own decisions. Each child participates in class activities according to each one's interests and abilities. Students at Little Scholars exemplify good manners, show mutual respect for their peers, care for the environment, and appreciate their peer's cultural differences. Our teachers teach and require students to demonstrate conflict resolutions. Primarily, each day our teachers and staff work to ensure each child is achieving his or her fullest potential.