Dear Parent,
Welcome to Little Scholars Montessori! The mission of our school is to enrich and educate the children enrolled in our program utilizing the Montessori method of learning. We guide children from distraction to concentration, from dependency to self- sufficiency, and from self-centeredness to respect and concern for others. Our students will develop a desire to learn and thrive at their own pace. It is our goal to broaden this desire by encouraging YOUR little scholar to reach for academic success!

Our dedication to developing the whole child follows the beliefs of Maria Montessori, whom our curriculum and theology is derived from. We focus on promoting growth in all areas of a child’s development: academic, physical, social, and emotional. Children learn in a hands-on setting, which is designed to cater to each child’s individual needs and unique personality. They discover learning through interaction with the teacher, each other, and the materials strategically placed on the shelves to build independence, logical thinking, and problem-solving strategies. Academic learning is enhanced by character development, good manners, courteous behavior, and conscientious thought.

Using the developmental stages of children and their curious nature, classroom environments are designed to be explored. Teachers act as facilitators of education, guiding children to discover their strengths and encourage them to move beyond areas of comfort. Using the “whole child” approach, we also depend on our stakeholders to assist us through projects, volunteering, guest speakers, presentations, field trips, and community involvement. Talk to your child’s teacher about ways you can be involved in our program.

We look forward to working with your family at Little Scholars Montessori! Be sure to keep updated with your child’s progress via Lifecubby updates, weekly newsletters, emails, and our Facebook group.


Tiffany Ellis-Brown


Montessori School