Montessori School

To preview our Preschool through PreK classroom standards, please reference the links below.  These standards as a guideline for curriculum integration, tracking academic progression, and observing social/emotional development for students throughout the year. These standards are not all inclusive and not all standard points are required to have been mastered before promotion is considered.  In addition to our semi-annual assessment, these standards help Little Scholars staff and parents collaborate on the academic path for their students. 

Upper School

Lower School

Please note that the Little Scholars' elementary (K-5th grade) curriculum follows the TN Department of Education grade standards.  Although our elementary classrooms have combined grades within each classroom, the state adopted grade standards are utilized in determining classroom placement.  While our teachers and staff do not integrate common core style of instruction, the grade level standards are incorporated within the lessons to ensure students can easily transition in to Middle School following Grade 5.